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  1. Traffic barriers

  2. Traffic barriers

  3. Pedestrian safety barriers

  4. Bridge barriers

  5. Corrugated structures

  6. Supports

  7. Metal frames

  8. Barrier installation

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Sales Geography of CTC Metallokonstruktsiya JSC

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Traffic barriers and road barriers Traffic barriers and road barriers, pedestrian railing, corrugated steel structures (MGK), corrugated steel sheets (LMG), spirally wound corrugated pipes, load bearing and non-load bearing supports (SP, SF, SPG, SFG, NPK, NFK, NPG, NFG, NP, NF), and contact line supports (TF, TP, TFG). Good quality and promptness of manufacture, delivery and installation.

Andrey Scherbina, General director of CTC Metallokonstruktsiya JSC

CTC Metallokonstruktsiya JSC is a leading Russian company specializing in manufacture and installation of traffic, bridge and pedestrian barriers and in manufacture of corrugated steel structures and load bearing supports with cone shaped pedestal.

The company has sufficient manufacturing facilities and qualified personnel for manufacture of quality traffic and bridge barriers with a degree of impact severity of up to 725 kJ.

Availability of approach roads and lines facilitates prompt delivery of manufactured metal structures to any part of Russia and CIS countries. Today the company is prepared to carry out orders of any complexity for road infrastructure items.

For the period of its activity the company has gained the reputation of a reliable and competent supplier efficiently meeting its commitments. Complex Technical Center Metallokonstruktsiya has succeeded in establishing and keeping long-term partner relations with companies engaged in road construction and maintenance.

Complex Technical Center Metallokonstruktsiya is not complacent: we are constantly expanding our range of metal structures and services. We value partner relations and we are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation.

General director
Andrey Scherbina

CTC Metallokonstruktsiya JSC is a leading Russian company specializing in the manufacture and installation of traffic, bridge and pedestrian barriers and pedestrian railing.

Traffic and bridge barriers are used within populated areas and in motor roads, on bridges and at overhead crossings. Crash barriers reduce the risk of inadvertent crossing the roadway and colliding with vehicles moving in the opposite direction in multilane motor road, and therefore, reduce traffic accidents in general.

Barrier railing is intended for installation on bridges and at pedestrian crossings. Bridges are the most dangerous part of roads which are used both by motor vehicles and by pedestrians. When furnishing these portions of motor road, pedestrian barriers from safety point of view are given the most important function of ensuring safety of pedestrians as the most vulnerable road users. High quality barrier railing installed on bridges helps to save lives of all road users in extreme situations. Our metal structures, in particular, rails and pedestrian barriers, are notable for their good quality and long service life. This is possible due to competence of the Complex Technical Center personnel and quality control at all stages of production sequence. In addition, pedestrian barriers of CTC Metallokonstruktsiya JSC are distinguished by varied and practical design laconically blending in with the image of any new town.

Safety barrier erection is a critical process where errors may result in the loss of road users' lives. Quality of installation is one of the main factors determining the effectiveness of the traffic barrier in performing its main function, minimizing the results of car collision and avoiding car rollover.

Two-sided dividing barriers dividing opposed streams of traffic eliminate the possibility of head-on collision of vehicles which is the most dangerous. Crash barriers also minimize the risk of traffic accidents at hairpin turns, upward and downward sloping roads, on bridges and at overhead crossings.

Installation as soon as possible is a routine requirement CTC Metallokonstruktsiya has to meet. Availability of its own up-to-date equipment allows it to perform speedy erection of barrier structures without giving up quality and warranties. Sometimes road barrier erection requires the use of highly specialized equipment, e.g., when installing barriers on rock.

High qualification and experience of personnel involved at all stages, from manufacturing to installation, is the guarantee of high quality of products: best specialists, best equipment and the most thorough quality control.

Safety traffic barriers of CTC Metallokonstruktsiya JSC are manufactured in full conformity with the requirements of GOST 26804-86, GOST R 52289-2004, GOST R 52607-2006, GOST R 52766-2007, GOST 26804-2012, TU 5216-063-01393697-2006, and TU 5216-001-05765820-2007 (impact severity of up to 600 kJ); the company is certified by NITC BDD MVD (Ministry of the Interior) of Russia.

Hot galvanizing of structures manufactured by the Complex Technical Center Metallokonstruktsiya is made in its own galvanizing pot. It permits the company to guarantee structure protection against corrosion. Guaranteed service life of galvanized barriers is 15 years.