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Manufacture and installation of traffic and bridge barriers

CTC Metallokonstruktsiya JSC is a leading Russian company specializing in the manufacture and installation of traffic and bridge barriers, pedestrian barriers, corrugated structures and spirally wound pipes, light posts, signal posts and load bearing supports with cone shaped pedestal.

The company is producing metal structures for over 30 years. During this period partner relations have been established with companies engaged in road construction and maintenance and civil engineering which are located in over 60 regions of Russia and neighbouring countries.

Facilities for the manufacture of road safety and city engineering systems occupy dozens of thousands of square meters. Complex Technical Center Metallokonstruktsiya JSC is an integrated complex of automated production shops and administrative buildings, approach lines and roads for all means of transport delivering products to customers, namely, trucks and railway cars.

Prompt delivery of metal structures which is much appreciated by CTC Metallokonstruktsiya JSC customers would not be possible without a broad network of warehouses with a full range of ready products on stock which are located throughout Russia, in each major industrial center like Ulyanovsk, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk or Khabarovsk. Customers do not have to lose their time and money waiting for the required metal structures to be manufactured and delivered.

CTC Metallokonstruktsiya JSC was one of the first in Russia which in 2006 started work to the requirements of the new at that time GOST R 52607-2006; new design documentation was developed for various versions of road and bridge barriers. These traffic barriers were designed for a degree of impact severity of up to 725 kJ.

All manufactured structures have passed multiple tests in field conditions and have proven their reliability and compliance with required parameters. As of today, over 70 successful tests of CTC Metallokonstruktsiya JSC restraining structures have been made.

In the course of all tests the restraining road and bridge barriers have shown a good strength margin. Following these results, certification of products was achieved in NITC BDD MVD of Russia. (Traffic Security Certifying Agency).

One of the main objectives pursued by Complex Technical Center through tests of manufactured products is to achieve reduction in metal consumption and cost while increasing reliability and strength.

Manufacture of traffic and bridge barriersUsing standard elements of road and bridge barriers (beams, arms, fastening elements) helps to achieve high fabricability and low cost, while reducing time required for assembly, erection and replacement of barrier elements damaged in road accidents.

Among the products of CTC Metallokonstruktsiya JSC there are not only standard road structures but also curved guardrails(concave and convex shaped), and nonstandard road structure elements.

Following customer requirements, all barrier elements receive corrosion resistant coating by way of galvanizing which is one of the most efficient methods. Guaranteed service life of metal structures coated by hot zinc dipping is about 15 years.

In 2010 Complex Technical Center tested their barriers in a wind tunnel for wind load. Obtained results confirm that currently manufactured bridge barriers may be installed without worries in bridges and overhead crossings where wind load is significantly higher than normal.

CTC Metallokonstruktsiya JSC also manufactures various restraining and limiting pedestrian barriers as per technical specifications TU 5216-002-05765820-2011.

For over 6 years the company has comprised a traffic barrier erection division. CTC Metallokonstruktsiya JSC provides road and bridge barrier erection services performed at high professional level. Special mobile teams equipped with up-to-date specialized tools offer package solution for road facilities construction.

Vast experience in the manufacture of metal structures and reputation of a reliable partner, together with state-of-the-art equipment and constant drive for growth and innovations, allow the company to contribute to construction of projects of any complexity.

Style of operations of Complex Technical Center Metallokonstruktsiya JSC may be characterized as Speed, Quality and Reliability